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C-3PO 1/6 Custom Repaint

Continuing my hobby adventures into model-making, with a little sidestep from my usual 3D work to get my hands dirty, i went into this project with the goal of learning about the intricacies of various surface properties and their interaction - or sometimes surprising reaction with each other.

C-3PO was a great test case as i had an older model laying around with an unconvincing metal finish that left alot to be desired, and the finish for this iconic character required many new learnings. After much experimentation of alcohol based lacquers, auto clear coats, aqua glosses, and many other materials, i arrived at a process to produce a convincing chrome mirror, weathered heavily as the character is seen in Star Wars A New Hope.

This was quite a toxic process with the materials involved, one that i likely won't want to retread again, but the learnings of how to work with various materials has been alot of fun!