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Rural Australia Content Pack

Download 'Rural Australia' for free on the Unreal Marketplace:
Finally! I can now share my Rural Australia content pack available for Unreal Engine as part of the Permanently Free Collection on the Unreal Marketplace. I had originally created all content in this pack purely for my 'Memories of Australia' project (, but decided to spend some time restructuring and packaging most of the content into a useable pack and release it into the wild. The 'Memories of Australia' project utilises, but is not limited to, the content in this Rural Australia pack. Refer to the Rural Australia Content Showcase video and the Unreal Marketplace Rural Australia product page for an accurate depiction of the content included in the pack.
Rural Australia content pack description:
A collection of high quality, optimised, photogrammetry based content, authentically captured on location in Australia. Including a range of realistic trees to rock walls, this content pack gives you the opportunity to construct beautifully accurate representations of rural Australian country roads and remote river canyons. All content is optimised towards standard video game specifications, with LODs, simplified shaders, and does not rely on expensive solutions or features to achieve highly realistic visuals - with the intent of being suitable for games, virtual productions, or other real-time applications. Just be careful where you step!

Rural Australia content showcase video