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Embark Studios Desert Biome

Our previous environment test was indented to prove quality on a large scale, with big vistas and atmosphere. In this demo, as a contrast, we aimed to reach high visual fidelity on the small to mid-scale. We're starting with a desert biome, and all the assets are the result of our week-long photogrammetry trip to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

I contributed to this biome with building all vegetation, as well as some lighting and grading.

This is part of a recent blog post we've published. Go take a look at the 3 part series!

Take a look at the other guys contributing the majority of the great work here:
Pontus Ryman (Environment Artist):
Robert Berg (Environment Artist):
Johan Qvarfordt (3D Art Intern):

Embark Studios Desert Biome